Wissota Fitness Tanning & Massage
The expert in all your body care needs!

Would you like to accelerate your tan? Rejuvenate your skin? Or just feel pampered?

Then try our Hydration Station!

The Hydration Station uses dense steam, radiant heat, color therapy, aromatherapy, and vibratory massage! 

Pick one of the three programs to best fit your needs!

Prepare - Ideal for UV Tanners

  • Get the results of a tingle lotion without the reddening and itching
  • Surpass your tanning plateau and extend the life of your tan
  • Allows lotions to absorb into the skin better
  • Hydrations the skin for maxium UV results 
  • Accelerates your accelerators 

Prolong - Ideal for Sunless Tanners 

  • Skin is cleansed, balanced, and moisturized for maximum absorption of sunless primers and maximizers
  • Skin is prepared for the ultimate suness soultion absorption
  • Sunless application last days and are more even
  • No post application sticky feel and less odor 

Protect - Ideal for Ulitmate Skin Rejuvenation

  • Revive and rejuvenate dry skin with water and nourishing skincare ingredients
  • Liquid vitamins with a tropical aroma for long lasting moisture
  • Relaxing session as you receive your skin make-over
  • Leaves skin feeling baby-soft and glowing

Hydration Station Pricing

1 session - $17.50 or 10 points

30 points - $40.00

60 points - $70.00

18 sessions - $150.00 

Hydration Station with Sunless Tanning Session - $39.00